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Work With No Play

I know, I know.  There is much to do – careers, children (and all the activities that come with them), spouses, parents, volunteering – all requiring our time and attention.  In the past, I supported that approach.  I believed that I needed to work very hard to be successful making my days last from early morning well into the evening.  Weekends?  Just an opportunity to get ahead on work (that I couldn’t get done because I was so busy working).

I think you’re getting the message.

The fact is that, with overwork and exhaustion, we hit a point of diminishing returns.  We work harder with less positive results.

Here’s the good news.  Rest and play actually make us more productive!  It’s enhanced even more by inviting our children, grandchildren and parents which also incorporates some of our top life priorities (so we can still feel as if we’re multi-tasking).  If it works better for the work-engrossed-mindset, let’s vacation as if it is a requirement so we can work towards more effective labor.

As Linda Laitala of Raven Performance Group advises, “Take time off – totally unplugged if possible, and replenish your energy and enthusiasm.”  Relax, meditate, sleep, walk, read books, journal, connect with family and friends – these activities will re-power our engines.  We’ll be rejuvenated and ready to return to our optimal performance.

~ Marla