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Words Matter

Verbal economics is choosing your words thoughtfully.  Think of it as money.  The more powerful, impactful your words – the more money you’re putting down.  It’s currency that you’re using with another human being.

~ Evy Pompouras
CIA Special Agent

Just what if our words during this lifetime were limited?  Let’s imagine this as a game.  Here are the rules.  We are allotted 1000 words.  Every time we speak, a debit happens to our Word Account.  These would be our spoken words, written words – even those messages we could pantomime.  Overdrafts are not allowed.

Would we choose words more carefully?

Let’s agree, we could cut out gossip just for starters.  Next, would be political conversations that have no call to action, thus affect no change.  How about criticisms we use with our loved ones?  Those will quintuple-affect our Word Account because it takes five positive phrases to counter every negative.  Does speaking of the worst possible outcome – or repeating sensationalized stories – positively affect our world?  How about the perpetual never-changing complaints we share every day?  Are the words we use creating unity or division?

Here’s an intriguing idea to ponder.  The use of the word abracadabra summons a mysterious power to perform a magical trick.  According to, “Scholars who support the Hebrew etymology say that abracadabra is a corruption of the Hebrew, ebrah k’dabri, meaning ‘I will create as I speak,’ IE: the act of speech will magically create new realities*.

Choosing to share more positive words and ideas takes conscious attention.  For a while anyway.  The more you are conscious of the words you speak, the more it becomes a habit and develops into a natural way of communicating.

The real question is – with limited verbiage or not – how do you want to leave your mark on the world?  Do you want your legacy to be soul-enhancing or soul-draining?

Get out there and abracadabra some magic into your world!