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Word of the Day  ~ Devotion ~

Words are magic.  Our words have so much power, and we don’t seem to realize it.  Your words have the ability to transform your life and the life of others.  BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD.  Mean what you say and speak with intention.

I am a lover of words and relish the task of finding the most descriptive word to clearly portray a message. There are so many good words in the English language and yet – we find ourselves using the same ones repeatedly.

For example, how we tend to use the word ‘work’ in our communications. Work, is described as exertion or effort directed to accomplish something; labor; toil.
                 …Rearing a child is a lot of work.
                 …Marriage is a lot of work.
                 …Being good at your job is a lot of work.
                 …Caring for aging parents is a lot of work.
                 …Dieting is a lot of work.

Some even say that positive words vibrate differently and can change the formation of water crystals or how a plant grows.  If you are thinking this is voodoo and not science, look up quantum physics which is the explanation that everything is created of energy.  A stone will present differently on earth than a human being because it vibrates at a different frequency.  This ultimately means everything puts off a vibration.  It goes to reason then, that words do as well and can even affect how a person responds. 

Take any of the sentences above and substitute the word ‘devotion’.  Say it out loud and feel a shift in the message.  (Seriously – it even feels better coming out of the mouth.)  Devotion, is profound dedication; earnest attachment to a cause; person; etc.
                 …Effectively raising a child is the result of devotion.
                …A successful marriage involves devotion.
                 …Creating a rewarding career takes devotion.
                 …Caring for aging parents is loving devotion.
                 …Eating healthfully is caring devotion to your body.

The proclamation when you speak of devotion is that this effort is worthy of your attention because it is important – as opposed to a labor in your life that is an obligation.  Words really make a difference in how a message is sent and received.  Even in the conversation you have with yourself.  It is simple yet profound. 

Class dismissed.