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Wish, Pray, Decide

Some people dream of success while others get up and work hard at it.”

– Napoleon Hill

I love wishes and prayers!  I think they are powerful in their own right. 

A decision though… a decision carries an extra source of power to it.  As I was writing this article, I was struggling just a little.  I don’t want to disregard wishing and praying. 
The Universe works in wondrous ways when you’re tapped in. Usually what you need comes your way if you’re paying attention and you’re patient.  This happened to me as I was contemplating this article.  In a conversation with my cousin, who is at a crossroads in her life, she stated her next move to pursue her desire will be sent off with a prayer.  Then we had a good inspiring conversation about the difference between a wish or prayer and a decision.   Your tactics change.  With a prayer, you’re waiting for something to happen.  With a decision; you set a goal; make a plan and perhaps you have someone hold you accountable for it.  The more effort you put into your purpose, the more energy and focus you put on it.  It’s all about the energy in the action because it puts it more within your control.  This energy is what creates the outcome. 
Think back on your life.  Notice the difference between a goal you wished for and one you decided on?  The action of wishing is waiting for some outside power to grant you what you want.  Buy a lottery ticket to pay for family vacation  and wish that you win.  Decide you want to raise enough money to take your family vacation and you begin to find ways to do so.  Which is more likely to come to fruition?
The moral of this story:  Wishing and dreaming are good – they are great in fact!  ~A necessary step in defining life purpose.  For those of you who pray, I don’t need to tell you the value of prayer.  Understand that there is a difference in energy of a decision.  Can you feel it?   …It’s called empowerment.