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Walk The Walk

“It is difficult to bring people to goodness with lessons, but it is easy to do so by example.”
~ Seneca

Let me tell you about this man I met quite a few years ago.  He’s not much for church-going.  He doesn’t quote scripture.  You won’t see him out picketing or expounding on what should be done about global warming.

Here’s what he does do.  He installs solar panels.  He offers his talent to cook annually at the Volunteer Fire Department Steak Fry.  He’s a very active member of his local Lions Club.  He is generous to a fault with friends, family and strangers.  He’s an understanding boss who offers guidance far beyond his role as an employer (and stern admonishments when needed).  And of course, he would do just about anything for the three females in his life.

Here’s the charm of it all.  He’s not tweeting, posting or sermonizing on how people should be doing better.  He doesn’t need to tell people what kind of man he is because it emanates from him.  He is a man who simply lives it and when you meet him, you just know it.

He doesn’t talk the talk – he walks the walk.

Maybe – we really don’t need to influence what others think or what they do as much as we think.  Maybe – we can place a little more trust in the goodness of human nature.  Maybe – if we just silently step it up ourselves and do better we will more effectively create the change we want.

…Oh.  And that man?  Well – I married him and we are celebrating our twenty-five-year anniversary this month.