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The Virus Of Fear

I am sharing an excerpt from my reading this morning out of The Mandala Of Being by Richard Moss. This, to me, is a very pertinent message for the viral pandemic and warranted an immediate release. 
In a culture dominated by and addicted to fear, the one thing we seem incapable of doubting is fear itself.  We are more likely to distrust happiness or well-being.  We are willing to doubt the latter feelings because we believe that, sooner or later, something bad could take them away.  We might even distrust kindness because we are afraid of being manipulated.  But fear itself, we do not doubt. We allow ourselves to perpetually remain the victims of fear. 
Whether our fears concern global warming, trade policies, health care or religious fanaticism, our ability to make wise choices and take intelligent action is impoverished when we start from fear. 
Yet when it comes to fear, we don’t want to doubt; we want to believe.  Whatever the fear, we tend to generalize toward the gravest possible consequences on the largest possible scale, based usually on partial evidence or isolated specific incidences. The real concern is how readily we believe frightening things, even when we have only limited evidence that they are true.  This is especially true with our stories about ourselves.  We seem eager to believe anything that makes us fearful, as if we thrive on the familiar sense of self we get from simply being afraid. 
This is why to [it is essential to] be able to doubt every single one of our own [or other’s] stories that create sensations of distress within us.  To have compassion for the suffering our beliefs have brought about for ourselves and others, represents a profound enrichment of our human intelligence. 

It is time for more facts, and less fear.  This is why I did my own research and did not rely on a media source for it.  According to, as of this writing on March 17, 2020, the US population is 329,405,881. reports 4226 US cases with total deaths at 75.  If my math is correct, that is .001289% (just over one tenth of one percent) of our populace that has contracted the virus.  Of these, 1.78% have died (less than 2%).  I’m not saying the potential is not there to become worse, I am saying the crisis is not as we are led to believe.
Keep in mind that those making decisions on our behalf have elevated fear.  They have much more to lose by being judged in their position of power.  Unfortunately, they are making decisions from this place of fear.
Of course, use good sense and be cognizant of other’s vulnerabilities in relation to this virus.  However, it is not necessary to be fearful.  Let’s look at this as an opportunity for growth by overcoming unreasonable fear; by working hard to make a difference in your community; or by having a good hooky day (or a few).  Lean into it.  
Keep calm and be fearless,