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The Secret Weapon

If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.

~ Marvin Gaye

If you were with me for the last article titled International Peace Project, you understand the incredible possibilities that exist with meditation. 

I liken the personal progression of developing a taste for meditation to drinking wine.  You may start with a light sweet blush and then slowly as taste buds adjust, you move on to a medium bodied wine and eventually, a dry full-bodied wine.  Here’s how I slowly developed a meditation practice.

  • Morning Time. 
    • First, create a habit of prioritizing time for yourself. 
    • Rise 10-20 minutes earlier than usual (so there is no one awake to bother you).  Use this time as you wish: read, drink coffee quietly, go for a walk. 
    • The goal is to create reflective time – not conversation; activity or morning news. 
    • Read a short daily meditation that inspires you to ponder the meaning to your life.
  • The Chair Meditation. 
    • Sit quietly (with your morning beverage of choice) in a comfy chair. 
    • Focus on your breath.
    • It may be helpful to purchase a recorded guided meditation to support focus.
    • Keep a notepad nearby.  Thoughts are inevitable.  Write them down; let them go and again focus.  Bonus – you have a good To Do list to take into your day.
  • Amped Up Intention Meditation.
    • This step will come naturally if you feel your meditation practice has become stagnant and yearn for more.
    • Read a book or take a course on meditation.  Follow your intuition when making this choice.  Whatever appeals to you, make it a priority because it’s your soul speaking.
    • Use this practice for specifically creating an outcome such as increased intuition; healing or financial abundance.
  • Warnings:  You may find…
    • It feels so good you will want to stay there. 
    • You become so balanced you are unaware you are stressed.
    • You search out less advice from others because you have more clarity in daily decisions; long-term choices; life purpose.  Also called wisdom.
    • You crave time alone because you are comfortable with it.
    • You eventually dedicate more time to it, and it doesn’t matter because your day is optimized by your practice.
    • Your anger, depression or anxiety naturally subside.
    • You sleep better.
    • More people are drawn to you.
    • It gives you the advantage over the competition – however, you won’t feel the need for competition because you understand there is enough for everyone.

Meditation is the modern day secret weapon.  There are many tips you can find online on how to meditate to your best advantage.  The most important tip is take step number one and start
May you find peace within,