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“What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?”

– Anonymous       

For some reason this idea – Self-Love – sounds hard, and it really shouldn’t.  How do you love yourself more?  Consider yourself as if you were a friend and how you would you treat them.  Now, what if this friend is an adolescent – what added considerations would you give him/her?

When you begin to cherish yourself and treat yourself as if you are worthwhile, others will feel that vibration and do the same.  Just watch and be amazed by the results.

Schedule your time.  On your calendar, plan an hour a week just for yourself.  If any requests come in for that time, you can legitimately tell them that you are unavailable. What do you do with this time?  Anything you love!  Write, read, shop, sleep in, meditate, exercise (no obligations allowed tho, this time is for you).   I’d really like to see you do this daily, but this is a start …

Find a space of your own in your home.  It only takes a small corner.  Make it comfortable and surround yourself with items that make you feel good.  For me it is candles, music, books, blankets – you get the idea.  Oh yeah, spend time there.

Say no.  That is the kindest word you can use for yourself.  Start working with it and see how it feels.  Work your way up to only committing to activities that really feed you and you are passionate about.  Be prepared.  People aren’t used to you setting boundaries.  They may not like it at first, but they will adjust to the change.  Eventually, they will look to you as a mentor and they will begin to justify doing it for themselves.  PS: say ‘no’ for your chldren, they may thank you later.

Rest.  Whether you need to heal physically or mentally, rest is the best antidote.  You do not benefit your family, your career and your other obligations if you wind up being too sick to function.

Start with one small baby step if you need you — just start.  Self-love will change this world.


    Check out this information from Pshychology Today.
                    1. Self Compassion Leads to Increased Strength

                   2. Self Compassion Leads to Increased Productivity
3. Self Compassion Leads to Decreased Stress

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