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Prepare For Giving Thanks

Trust that you will always have whatever you need.
Focus on being appreciative and grateful for all that you have.
Clear out any surplus goods and recycle those items.
Have faith in the natural abundance of life.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead be aware of the extraordinary number of resources you have available.
Expand your interests by trying a new hobby, recreation, sport or activity.

~ Dr. Steven Farmer
Shamanic description of Buffalo Totem

Hallelujah!  It is time to start looking forward!  …trust me, it is.  

Our future, and the holidays are coming and we have a choice about how we move into them.  To do this, it seems we need to do a little preparation.  Do we bemoan the changes from our typical life/traditions – or do we find adventure and abundance in what will be new?
The best gift we can give our friends and family is the gift of love, acceptance and appreciation.  This takes no extra money or physical effort.  Just a shift of attitude.
We can look at this point in time as an opportunity to create new and improved intention.  What can we eliminate or simplify?  How can we enhance those traditions or habits we choose to keep?  There is no one who needs to tell us how to move forward.  It is our choice from our own free will.
Let’s put a little more focus on cultivating relationship and love.  …More focus on the abundance in our lives – not on scarcity.  This crossroad also provides us with a natural opportunity to honor ourselves by gently setting boundaries that we have been yearning for. 
Let’s start preparations now.  First, we need to do a good cleaning of our home. Followed by a good cleaning of our attitude. 
With faith that all will be well, and amplified appreciation coming from us – those around us will begin to reflect that attitude.  Now, that’s a gift that gives back.