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Prayer + Visualization = Prayerization

There are three possible answers to your prayer. 
1)  Yes.  2)  Not yet.  3)  I have something better in mind.

~ God            

Notice ‘No’ is not on the list?

How many of us have really been taught how to pray?  I’m not talking about the ChristianHail Mary or Our Father.  I’m talking about a real conversation with your Higher Power.  Admittedly, I tend to shy away from the idea of prayer and prefer visualization.  It is important to know either form is appropriate and goes up to the same Power.

How to make your Request most effective:·        

  • Trust that Spirit knows what is best in this situation.  A win can’t be granted to every football team that goes on their knee and asks.  The players can, however, play their best and most skilled game.·        
  • Be consistent in visualizing what it is you want.  Better yet, see it and feel it.
  • Do you allow time to daydream or is a request thrown up as you rush about your day?  PS: It is healthy to allow children time to daydream – and thus visualize – too.
  • Prayers With Feet.  Sometimes the Answer comes with an intuition or opportunity for action.  Follow it.  Prayer combined with action is most effective.

What if your Appeal doesn’t come about as expected:·        

  • A continual Request out of fear or worry is a lack of faith.  If this is the case, then you’re sending up the message of what you don’t want.
  • Are you feeling positive and grateful for what you already have?  Appreciating where you are brings more of what you want.
  • Making your Entreaty too specific may mean your missing out on a better solution.  Perhaps its as simple as Asking for the best outcome.
  • When the outcome appears, trust that it is as it should be.  If this is difficult to do, send up one more Request to ask for another way to look at it.     
  • Maybe the timing isn’t yet right which just means there is a little more work to do.  Be patient.

Look at it as if every thought is a Prayer.  Of the 60,000 thoughts we put up a day, how many are affirmative about our desire?