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The Magical Art of Alchemy

Learn the alchemy true human beings know.  The moment you accept the troubles you’ve been given, the door will open.
~ Rumi
I love the idea of alchemy.  My favorite dictionary definition is this:  “any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.”  (BTW:  I love the idea of magical power too.)

Consider how transmutation could look in your life.  Here are situations in my life that have been transmuted into soul growth and I credit to becoming a more interesting person.

           (X= transmuted)

  1. Loss of a job an opening to a creative, more rewarding career.
  2. Six weeks of hospice care for my father learning true compassion; saying goodbye; forgiveness.
  3. Diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease finding a life purpose; increased spirituality; learning how to profoundly heal; desire to teach others they can heal (coming from compassion learned above). 
  4. Financial distress developing business savvy; experiencing the benefit of persistence and positive expectations.
  5. Loss of two brothers at a young age understanding about what is really important in life; cultivating empathy.
  6. Challenged by Government restrictions becoming an advocate for myself, my business and the environment.
  7. Being a female 15th child of sixteen children in a age-hierarchy, male-dominated household Xdeveloping awareness that my value is innate irregardless of my beginnings; my potential for greatness is based more on my perception than my situation.
Every one of us on this earth have experiences that challenge us.  Don’t you think that’s why we’re here – to experience and learn?  Perhaps a simple shift in thinking can transmute your being a victim of circumstances into wisdom and being the hero of your life.  By taking something you feel is of little – or even negative – value and transform it into Life Gold.
The best movies (in my opinion) are based on true events about people who have overcome a life situation and turned it into a Box Office Story.   

I think I would like Julia Roberts to play my part.

~ Marla