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Potential Energy

“Untapped potential is the difference between where a person is now and where he or she can be.”

— Bo Bennett

In physics, potential energy is energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others; stresses within itself; electric charge, and other factors.  Think about that in relation to your life.  Now that you’ve taken these last couple of months to go inside and awaken, what have you determined is your potential?  As the earth emerges out of dormancy as Spring draws near, so does our personal accumulation of energy, giving us more potential for success to make life changes.

Read any article about the habits of highly successful people and every one, in some way, will mention a habit of a) putting themselves as a priority b) practicing early morning routines for both healthy body and mind c) avoiding putting off self-care.  If your mindset is (as mine has been in the past) that business, family, community is more important than the time spent on yourself; you are missing out on the opportunity to become successful.  Successful people understand that they are their own best asset in their quest for achievement.  It doesn’t matter how success is defined by you.  Whether it be business, family, community.

You have hit a crucial point at this time.  You have a desire for change, you have contemplated what change is needed since the beginning of the year, and the energy of both your innate self and the Mother Earth is on the rise.

Want to bring about world peace?  It’s as simple as making positive changes towards peace within you. Once you do this, it radiates outward increasing the potential energy of the population around you.  You need do nothing more than that to bring more peace to the world.  That seems to me like energy well spent.

~ Marla