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Nurture Nature

Never miss an opportunity of noticing anything of beauty.
~Ralph Waldo-Emerson 

Sometimes, to make things better, we simply need to shift our focus.  Here are amazing stories about our environment around the world.  
From August of ’21 to August ’22 – 220,000 pounds of plastic have been cleared from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  The cleaning system was created by Boylan Slat who became concerned about the state of the ocean and developed the concept when in high school.  The netting system captures plastic while capturing only a quarter of a percent (.0025%) of marine life.  This is inspiring about the future of our youth and our planet.
With concern about the coral reef disappearing, the Coral Reef Coalition has been tracking the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia for 36 years.  The Coalition has seen an increase of 7-9% in the north and central regions this last year alone.  A related article suggests a specific coral as being adaptable to the increase in the earth’s temperature.  In short, Mother Nature is ever changing and evolving (which should not surprise us).

The Loggerhead turtle, that nests in U.S. Georgia beaches, set a new high.  It is the largest nest count since surveying began in 1989.  At 3960 nests, nesting has increased ten-fold since its lowest point of 358 in 2004.  The Loggerheads, listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act has been increasing by 4% since the 1990’s.  Georgians contributed to the program by purchasing wildlife conservation automobile license plates.

The Santa Marta sabrewing, a Columbia singing hummingbird, has been on the Top 10 Most Wanted Lost Birds for almost thirteen years.  The sighted hummingbird was perched on a branch, vocalizing and singing.  This behavior is related to defending territory and courtship.  These sightings are encouraging results of conservation efforts.

An antique vineyard in South Africa has ditched toxic chemicals for hungry ducks.  Since the 1970’s, the Vergenoegd Löw, a wine estate outside Cape Town has been using Indian Runner Ducks that have a voracious appetite for aphids, snails and small worms.  They are now marketing these ducks to other vineyards in hopes of promoting a more sustainable option to pest control.   Vineyards in California are using owl boxes to promote nesting for barn owls to control rodent population.  Stunning examples of nature-based solutions that allow farming to fit into the natural environment.
Our focus on nurturing nature are having an effect.  Thank you for doing your part and keep it up!

PS:  Many of these stories were found on The Good News Network.  If you need an boost, head to this site daily.  Find The Giggling Paramedics and The Prank Baby Girl.