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Moving Forward Into 2021

Who and how do I want to be in the next years?

~Lee Harris Lee

Harris has so much good information about what to expect in the next two to three months; two to three years and even two to three decades that I wanted to share it with you.  Many of these points are paraphrased for brevity.

  • January and February are a time to go within and determine what energy we want to create – and drink in the energy that this current time brings to us. 
  • We <you and I> are creating the future of the earth with how we move forward.
  • Collaboration and creative energy are going to be even more important.  The way we communicate with each other is creation.  We can challenge and enhance thinking.
  • Remember, we are all creating all of the time.
  • We will need more creation in business; in leadership and how we form together as a group.
  • While we are witnessing the dismantling of groups, we have the opportunity to become something new and create something new.  <systems need to break down so they can be built back up>
  • The chaos is the old energy leaving and it can be contagious so we will need to do more work to keep our center <of balance>.  It is a dismantling that has been a long time coming.  It may take time.  We will have to learn how to not be in <reactive> response to it. 
  • We can choose not to focus on the darkness of it and need to find a way to maintain our balance through the chaos that will be around for the next two or three years.
  • Look not at what the world was, we can’t expect it to be the same.  Instead, ask what can I do today, who can I be today, who can I help today, what can I receive today, what can I be grateful for today.  Stop fighting the change and lean into that question of who and how you want to be in the next few years.
  • Use the next few months figuring out how we can improve the experience of our life.  If we do that for ourselves, we can hold the that energy of transformation for others. 
  • If we’re feeling triggered by our transforming world, we need to surrender to the next layer of transformation within ourselves <uncomfortable emotions>.  As soon as we let go of whatever it is we want to fight with, it allows our soul to breathe again.  If we can do so, we will come back bigger and brighter.
  • Think about our response and how it will give to the earth; to the planet; to the people we know and love and to the people we don’t know and love (but we’re willing to love anyway). 
  • Use your balanced energy to help combat the fear energy that is out there.  Smile at someone – be confident – be a lighthouse for others.  When we are put into fear; are told to be in fear; are told things that put us in the fear response, we start to lose our creative power – our sovereignty.
  • Enjoy recognizing the good energy core you have generated and share it with others.  Not at the expense of yourself.  Just allow your light to come through.  Be a conduit for joy. 
  • Share your energy; share your love; share your knowledge.

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