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Mom As A Guru

Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.
   –John Steinbeck

One of my favorite lines of a (Netflix) Grace And Frankie episode goes like this:
            (The phone rings)
            “I have to take this, it’s my Guru”
“Hi Mom!”

If you were to look up quotes about Mother’s, you would find a lot of them about the sacrifices made to be a Mom.  Also, there is a lot of talk about setting boundaries.  So, with this dichotomy, where is the line drawn?  This is the stress of most parents who worry about whether they do too much ~ or do too little ~ or do it wrong.  In my experience, those stresses are inherent in the good parents – it’s those that care enough if they’re doing it right to even ask the question.

What does it take to become a Guru Mom?  It’s surely not by doing it all and it’s not by doing nothing. I know,  it gets a little messy.

How about these ideas as a guideline?  Which suggest you have a healthy personal life.   

  • Have your own friends – oh yes, and do stuff with them. 
  • Enjoy your own hobbies.  
  • Participate in your own career if that is what you want. 
  • Do your own self-improvement work.


  • It gives them another reason to be proud of you.
  • They will more likely respect you and your time.
  • It gives them a model to live by.  …What a full & quality life is.  …What graceful aging can be like.  …What healthy parenting is.
  • When they leave home to begin their own fulfilled life (based on your example), you have one of your own in place.

It also means, be there when they need you and only if they really need you (the messy part). 

Children need a parent as.

  • A champion for their best interests ~ not mess cleaner-upper.
  • A person who holds them responsible ~ not an excuse-maker.
  • A teacher ~ not a homework-doer; housekeeper; laundress; cook…
  • A safe zone ~ not a fearful-protector.
  • A wise counselor ~ not a dictator.
  • An independent person ~ who also expects them to be independent.

Do you think we make parenting more work than it needs to be? 

Blessings to all Good Moms out there and may you have a day filled with only that which brings your heart joy (because it IS your day after all).