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Loving Modifications

Changes that are implemented with love are permanent.
~Louise Hay

This time of year really is ideal to consider renewal.  The positive side of it is that we are inspired by the possibilities of the New Year.  What if, what starts out with positive intention, turns into a negative burden?  If that’s the case this year, let’s do it a little differently from here going forward.

How about if we only change one thing this year.  Instead of focusing on our habits as bad and something we need to change – focus on loving ourselves and who we are right now. 

The most effective way to do this is carve out a little time for yourself daily.  I’m not kidding about this.  Just ten minutes.  Ten minutes in the morning with a cup of steaming brew – to read; write in a gratitude journal; contemplate your day; your life or (possibly someday) practice meditation.  Your goal right now is simply to create the habit of setting aside this time.  Enjoy it however you want.  This triggers to your psyche, your body and your soul that you are valuable.

This comes with a couple of suggestions.  When thoughts come up of what needs to be done for the day write them down.  You come out of it with a list for your day and prevent it from cluttering up your precious time.  Make sure your thoughts spotlight the positive (yes, you can and should control your thoughts).  Try daydreaming about what you want.  This is the first and most vital step to creation.

I have found that the time I spend in my chair in the morning comes back to me exponentially throughout the day with better clarity of mind and purpose.  

The beauty of choosing this self-love habit is that when you prioritize loving yourself, you find more to love.  Then, naturally, you begin making other habitual decisions that mirror self-love without a lot of effort or denial.  Resolutions – done! 

PS: Still don’t think you can find the time?  Try turning off the nightly news so you can go to bed earlier.  This double bonus means you won’t go to bed with negative pictures in your head to contaminate your dream-time and you can awake ten minutes earlier.