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How Do You Change The World?

“It is through acts of love and forgiveness that we reawaken everyone around us.
– Sasha Solluna

How do you change the world?

By changing yourself.

Eva wanted to heal herself.  She started a quest to find the key – innately knowing that there was something out there.  Her curiosity led her to try many different things and permanently implement many of them into her life.  They were varied such as qigong; yoga; daily meditation; conciously setting priorites and boundaries.  This was incorporated along with insightful intuitive readings and an insatiable appetite for self-improvement books on a variety of topics.  She applied self-compassion which allowed her to more easily implement healthier eating habits; forgive her imperfections and recover more quickly from setbacks.

As a result, she became more grounded; glowed with vibrant health; attained increased clarity and wisdom (which she enjoyed).  She was confident and comfortable with who she was – without trying to change anyone else.  People began approaching her for advice. 

They also wanted to know her secret. 

Those who were close to her set upon their own path of discovery for a better; more fulfilling life and soon enough, their loved ones wanted to know what they did…

Unknowingly, Eva made an impact without setting out to do so.  

Now that’s beautiful.

~ Marla