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Holiday Magic

“The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

~ W.B. Yeats

How about a little mystical magic for the holidays (with a dash of science)?

Here’s the science
Quantum Physics is the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level.  Quantum Theory states that everything in the Universe, when broken down to its most elemental level (atoms, electrons, protons) is made of energy.  Everything puts off an electromagnetic field, including our human bodies.  The energy we exude permeates objects and can be felt by others. 

Here’s the mystical

Introducing Feng Shui which is succinctly described by Jane Langof, “Feng Shui is about your relationship with your environment and your surroundings.  It is the art of designing spaces with the right energy flow and setting up your environment for success.”

Here’s the magic:
Let’s close our eyes and focus on our highest intention for the holiday season.  Then, visualize what that looks like in the mind’s eye.  

Using this visualization, we will create an affirmation. Be careful that it is phrased in the positive.  Instead of saying, “I don’t want my family to battle” construct it as, “I love the harmony and joy that my family brings to my home”.

Select a beloved object and place it in a prominent location.  This will be infused with the positive intention and will become an energy magnet.  Focus on this object and say the affirmation 27 times out loud.  

Now, every time we see this object, for us, it will consciously (and subconsciously) reaffirm our holiday aspiration.  Remembering our science lesson, we also know this object absorbed the energy of the affirmation.  When others enter our space, they unconsciously detect the magnetic energy that has been placed upon the item.

Here’s the logical:
First, prep the space.  Starting early will make things more fun and less stressful.  When cleaning, clear space for holiday decorations so they don’t impede flow.  When finished, walk through with calm and loving intention.  Be mindful of the energy that is being emitted. 

If the idea of decorating is overwhelming, determine what can be eliminated.  Less is often more appealing.   This year, use only what brings joy and enhances the current décor – not covers it up. 

Here’s the conclusion:
Let’s enter this holiday season with spirit-awareness and intention.  …And maybe a little childlike belief in the magic.  What the heck, what have we got to lose?