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Here Come The Good Habits!

Forget resolutions.  This year set an intention.
Congratulations on your intention for change!  The difference of intention versus resolution is that it is about outcome, not action.  Intention is all about attitude – purpose.  …Knowing that until you change something about yourself, your life won’t change. 

Now, I’m not the one saying you need to change your habits.  I’m guessing that being it is the New Year, you are.  It’s tradition after all.   Perhaps there are tidbits of wisdom that will be helpful.

DO A SWITCHERO:  Instead of trying to remove bad habits – incorporate more good habits.  You may find the bad ones naturally drop away. 

THE RIGHT MOTIVATION:  Making resolutions from a source of love for Self is what will make it stick.  The self-talk needed is that you are already worthy and are choosing to become an even better version of yourself.  Not, because you are unworthy and invaluable as you are.  This positive mindset makes the effort, time and/or money justifiable. 

CHANGE IN THINKING:  Sometimes all it takes to make a transformation is to change your mind.  Deciding it is desirable versus dreading it and considering it deprivation can make all the difference.  Search for personal meaning in the habit.  If it creates drudgery versus inspiration, don’t do it.  The power is in the fact that it is something you want.  Not something you do for others.

JUST START:  The thought of addressing all the things in our life we want to change may feel overwhelming, so we don’t even start.  Pick one and commit to it.

OVERCOME FEAR:  All too often, we are afraid of change simply because it is unfamiliar.  Be aware that unfamiliar situations can be uncomfortable.  Give it a try and then stick with it until it becomes familiar.  I am proud of you for even considering a change – that, in itself, is a form of bravery.

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