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Give Your Soul What It Desires

You become what you think about all day long.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Years ago, I was laid out flat in bed with a muscle spasm so bad I couldn’t sit upright much less move around.  I stayed in my bed all day.  It was heavenly.  …OK, it would have been heavenly if I would have done it by choice and without pain.

It had been my fantasy for quite some time to spend a whole day in my bedroom alone reading, writing, watching TV & napping.  I had just come off a month of booked weekends and the final week culminated with five booked weeknights going into another booked weekend.  My body (very likely advised by my soul) rebelled.

What about that Law of Attraction?  What you focus on consistently is what you create in your life so be conscious of what you are thinking about.  I’m not saying you should stop wishing.  What I’m saying is – yes wish – and make it happen.  Because if you don’t, the Universe will do it for you and you may not like the way it does it.  How about if we make the conscious choice and do it on our terms?

During my imposed rest period, I received dinner in bed from my oldest daughter; a back massage from my youngest and a lot of attention from my husband (I think it scared the hell out of him) and all the sleep I wanted.

Minus the pain, it would have been an A+ day.  Although I would have probably snuck downstairs and done a load of laundry (OK, I admit, I did anyway). 

Lessons I learned:

  1. Give your soul what it really wants, or it will happen anyway.  This relates in life for both big ambitions (job layoff = career change) and small cravings (back spasm day of rest).
  2. My family is capable, if I allow them to be.
  3. I am very grateful for the capabilities my body has and will make every effort to stop focusing on the what it doesn’t have.  We do not realize or appreciate what our body performs for us daily.
  4. I will start saying ‘no’ more often – even if I don’t have a good excuse.
  5. Daytime television leaves a lot to be desired.