A true love story never ends

Intimate outdoor weddings are beautiful at the Olive Branch Retreat. You are destined to have a memorable experience when using our massive yard for the festivities. Decorate to your taste, or allow nature and the old-world aesthetic of the Olive Branch provide the ambiance for you. Unlimited photo opportunities on the lush 68-acre property – wooded forest, blooming flower gardens, semi-private lake, groomed yard and rustic structures.  Gatherings for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions are equally magical when infused with Olive Branch charm.

We’re very proud of this! – our feature in Central MN Brides

Create a destination wedding

Practice your nuptials

Host your groom’s dinner

Enjoy time with your wedding party by the camp fire


Rise & Shine

Prepare for your big day onsite

Vow to your loved one

Celebrate outdoors with family & friends


Rise again with your forever sweetheart


Open gifts


Rejoice as you begin your life together