The Olive Branch is the Perfect Place for:

Soulful Retreats

“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware; joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” ~ Henry Miller.

If spiritual growth is what you seek, the Olive Branch, a rare and unique location in Central Minnesota provides a warm, safe cocoon in which to develop and evolve. The energy at the Olive Branch is palpable. Be ready for movement. Design your own retreat by utilizing our varied collection of practitioners:  yoga, life coach, massage therapy, qigong, meditation and many forms of alternative therapies.

If you are practitioner seeking space to host a retreat for your own services please contact us about special pricing. Our vision is filling the Olive Branch with peace, love, and intention.

What our guests say:

The peace and tranquility that surrounds this obviously blessed place has truly made the past several days an experience we will always cherish. ~ Kim

Thank you for creating this beautiful sacred space, a safe place to grow. Blessings. ~ A

Retreats for Women

The beauty and nature of Central Minnesota soothe and provide inspiration from every view. Unplug, identify your life’s purpose, create a plan, envision fulfillment.  Whether you are already inspired, or seeking inspiration, anticipate discovery and personal growth at the Olive Branch. Perfect for creating your own retreat, or select from one of our programs including:

Ask for our list of practitioners for massage, reiki, essential oils, intuitive life coaching, readings and more.

What our guests say:

Absolutely life changing. ~Robin

It wasn’t what I expected, but exactly what I needed! ~ Tanya

Meditation Retreats

Healing happens here. The Olive Branch, in Central Minnesota, is located on a very quiet, semi-private lake. The water soothes, especially since the motorized vehicles on the lake are few. We offer a fishing boat, pontoon, and canoes for getting out on the water. The quiet energy about the place stimulates meditation, reflection, and authentic conversation. A Chapel is on site and is ideal for deep thought. Our quiet corners are comforting and inviting. Inspirational literature is available in the library and scattered throughout the bedrooms. The Olive Branch, a place of peace, is somewhere to be quiet – or be heard.

What our guests say:

The Olive Branch is a unique and spiritual oasis. We laughed, cried, sang, worked, and played. The sacred space and peaceful relaxed surroundings were charming. The perfect scene for great personal introspection, creative idea generation and calm spiritual growth. Thank you for creating an oasis in the country! Namaste.  ~Julie

Thank you for having such a wonderful place for us all to come and spend time together. From 16-day-old baby girl to Nana and Papa, and special friends. This is our second time here. The first we came to grieve our dear 6-year-old N, this time to remember him and his adventurous spirit. I love this place! ~ Sally

Creative Retreats

Beauty and nature provide inspiration from every view. Whether you are already inspired, or seeking inspiration, anticipate creating at the Olive Branch. We offer space, views, and comfort that gets creativity flowing. Artists and writers have shared the creative energy available at the Olive Branch. Amenities include 10 folding tables, padded folding chairs, task lighting, nature, comfort, stunning sunsets and beautiful views.

Check Rates & Reservations, or contact us to book your delightful experience today!

Hi Marla, I couldn’t agree more with the message in your email! I feel myself spinning off in all areas of my life! The support from other women has been an amazing, forward moving energy I have completely tapped into this year. I am so excited to grow, and give, and learn more about my own potential ?.  I really want to thank you for sharing your space at Olive Branch, it has beautiful energy. You have created such a vortex for expansion that we get to be a part of! I can’t wait for the next chance I get to spend time there!  —Dawn