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Free Will

“Why, then, did God give them Free Will?  Because Free Will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.” 
~ C.S. Lewis

When we chose this life on earth, our higher power gave us the gift of Free Will.  This is proven by the fact that we, as humans, have the ability to make our choices and are not stopped by a higher spiritual power.  We are differentiated from the animal kingdom in that all of our choices can be made consciously and are not driven, as much as animals are, by instinct.  It has been true throughout the millennia since the proverbial Adam and Eve affair occurred.
Sometimes, as we live in a day-to-day world filled with the rules of societal etiquette, governmental regulations and organizational policies, it is easy to forget that Free Will exists.  It takes awareness to appreciate that it was given to everyone equally.  …That there are times when our desires may infringe upon others’ desires.  …That not only is it our inalienable right – it is everyone’s.   This is important to remember when much of our culture is telling us different – or thinking goes against current prescribed mentality.
I understand this is a very tricky concept.  There are many instances where Free Will can seriously harm others.  There are limits – and this is a debate for another day.  For today, let’s simply be conscious about where Free Will is unessentially being dictated by the ideas of a few.
As always, with rights come responsibilities and that stinks.  When we make our choices out of Free Will, we are responsible for the outcome of those choices.  Sometimes that’s a hard truth to swallow. It’s much more convenient to put the responsibility and thus, blame, on others.  Accepting responsibility for our decisions and being grateful for this gift of Free Will allows us to live freely  and with complete awareness.