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Emotional Intelligence

By acknowledging, accepting, and working through your feelings, you can learn to turn “emotional” into “emotionally intelligent”.


Dr. David Hawkins, a renowned physician; professor and psychiatrist, was a teacher of advanced awareness.  Abraham a collective consciousness, translated by Esther Hicks, is devoted to bringing clarity to our human condition (which, can often be confusing and messy).  What these great tutors in awareness both have in common is they are dedicated to alleviating human suffering by exposing us to higher-level ideas of mindfulness.

We may think our thoughts are just the way things are.  …That we don’t have control over them. …That situations alone dictate them.  Speaking for myself – that is the way I lived a good portion of my life.   To break through this conditioned belief, Hawkins and Hicks expound on the idea that we can choose a better feeling thought.

Hawkins Scale of Consciousness will show how our emotions land on a scale.  Our circumstances do not define where we are on this scale.  How we choose to interpret them does.  It may be surprising that we have a considerable amount of control over our emotions. 

Let’s say our current circumstances create a situation that generates Grief.  Can we shoot for an emotion that is a little higher on the scale – such as Anger?  Even though Anger does not sound good – it is higher than Grief.  Then, progressively try out Courage to see how it feels.  Why?  It would be difficult for us to shoot for Peace when we are Angry.  We need to give our emotions time to modulate and then target another, higher goal.  Eventually, we’ll be creating from a source of Power versus Force as Hawkins shows on the left side of the graph.

What I love about this is it gives us a map to navigate our thoughts and emotions.  Now we can, more consciously, plan our traverse across this wilderness adventure we call humanity.