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Divine Grace

Divine Grace is a theological term present in many religions. An individual virtue defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify; to inspire virtuous impulses; to impart strength; to endure trial and resist temptation.
– Wikipedia

What Divine Grace is not, is something you can create by willpower.  At least not in my experience.  Coming from a Catholic background, in the past, I would abide by the annual Lenten stricture to better myself by making a change in my life for 40 days.  More than once, I made the decision to be less judgmental and not speak negatively.  The sentiment was admirable.  On some level, I’m sure it made a change – intention is everything, right?  However, I felt less than satisfied with the results.  Even though there was progress, negative thoughts still had more control than I wanted. 

It wasn’t until my first angel reading where I received a higher-level perspective on my life that things began to change.  After the realization there was more purpose to my life than mundane daily activities, I began reading books by inspiring authors and started making headway on my mental makeover.  I was exposed to ideas that were counter to the viewpoints I had, limited by my upbringing and cultural background.  I was given access to ideas that elevated my perception of how this Universe operates.  I had the understanding that, oftentimes, people’s responses to me are about their internal environment and not about me.  Eventually, by adding meditation, which offered calm, strength and clarity, accelerated change happened.  The anger inside me I wasn’t even consciously aware of, abated.

How this all shows itself to the world is Grace.  You can see others come from a different mindset because of varied backgrounds and experiences.  There is no need to speak negatively about them because it is good that the world is diverse.  Wouldn’t it be simply boring if we were all the same?  You become more accepting that every situation does not need your approval, opinion or attention.  You can see life experiences, both good and bad, for what they are – growth.  Instead of responding with anger and judgement, you begin examining situations for meaning and purpose in your quest for this growth.  

Grace is an inside job.  When you change who you are internally and how you perceive things, grace naturally happens. True Grace means applying it to yourself as well as others.  It does not matter what you have done in the past, just how you engage in the future.

Grace.  It is truly amazing.

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