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Prepare For Giving Thanks

Trust that you will always have whatever you need.Focus on being appreciative and grateful for all that you have.Clear out any surplus goods and recycle those items.Have faith in the natural abundance of life.Stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead be aware of the extraordinary number of resources you have available.Expand your interests by trying […]

Be the Sculptor and the Marble

“We can write a meaningful lifetime script.  We will become both sculptor and marble. We will be the designer and the design.”~Bernard Strehler, Gerontologist  What an absolutely wonderful concept!  This idea that we are sculpting our life. It brings about the visual of a life of contemplated and deliberate creation.  I will tell anyone who asks […]
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Being A Leader

People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  I confess that I did not handle the pandemic as well as I would like you to believe.  It was, honestly, not just because both my husband’s business and mine were directly and […]
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You Are Already Emanating

“When you’re among peaceful, generous, happy people, you’re inclined to feel happy and peaceful yourself. When you’re among angry, aggressive people, you tend to become like them. The human mind is like a mirror. A mirror does not discriminate but simply reflects whatever’s before it, no matter whether it’s horrible or wonderful.” – Lama Yeshi […]
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Give Your Soul What It Desires

You become what you think about all day long.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Years ago, I was laid out flat in bed with a muscle spasm so bad I couldn’t sit upright much less move around.  I stayed in my bed all day.  It was heavenly.  …OK, it would have been heavenly if I would have […]
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The International Peace Project

There is more evidence that the group-practice of Transcendental Meditation can turn off war like a light switch than aspirin reduces headache pain. ~John Hegelin, Research Physicist The Lebanon War began in 1982.  In 1988, a research project dubbed the International Peace Project began.  A group of Sidhas, trained in Transcendental Meditation, were positioned throughout […]
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Loving Modifications

Changes that are implemented with love are permanent. ~Louise Hay This time of year really is ideal to consider renewal.  The positive side of it is that we are inspired by the possibilities of the New Year.  What if, what starts out with positive intention, turns into a negative burden?  If that’s the case this year, […]

Prayer + Visualization = Prayerization

There are three possible answers to your prayer. 1)  Yes.  2)  Not yet.  3)  I have something better in mind. ~ God             Notice ‘No’ is not on the list? How many of us have really been taught how to pray?  I’m not talking about the ChristianHail Mary or Our Father.  I’m talking about a real conversation with […]