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Calming Sanctuary

“How are you supposed to soar when you have so much weighing down your wings?”

~ Kerri Richardson

If you’re being called to clear out some of the spaces in your world, join the club.  I love the idea of nesting – to arrange one’s immediate surroundings and create a place where one feels secure, comfortable and in control.
February is traditionally a good time to go within.  To rest, reflect and find sanctuary. Nature is doing it so why shouldn’t we?  Is there a more perfect time than now to clear our nest of clutter?
As a designer and feng shui practitioner, I witness instances where proposed additions would be unnecessary with clearing and organization. There are homes with more furnishings and items than the square footage comfortably allows. The walls are pocketed with hangings allowing no room for the eye to rest.
I understand the task of organizing may be overwhelming.  Sometimes, we look around and have no idea where to start.  We don’t have time.  It is easier to put it off until tomorrow yet again.

Tomorrow never arrives. 
Knowing that starting is the hardest part, let me introduce the idea of Pomodoro Rounds.  Pom Rounds was made popular by Kerri Richardson, a clutter clearing expert.

  • Choose the task you’ll be working on.
  • Eliminate all distractions. 
    • Have you noticed that we check our phone so we can take a break from what we are doing?
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes.
  • Get to work and stay on course until the timer goes off.
  • At the end of the round, give yourself permission to quit. 
    • Don’t be surprised if you simply want to take a five-minute break and set the timer for another round.
    • To ensure another round, don’t pick up your phone.  You may become lost again in the distraction.

If there are any items that are broken or in disrepair, set them aside and create a list to address one at a time. Broken items and an unmaintained structure put off the energy of poverty.  That is not the vibe you want in your sanctuary.
Good luck and know that I am right beside you on this challenge.  Feng-shui-promoter that I am, I still have spaces that need attention. 
We’ll see you in March when we come out on the other side with more vibrancy, space and tranquility.