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Being A Leader

People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

 I confess that I did not handle the pandemic as well as I would like you to believe.  It was, honestly, not just because both my husband’s business and mine were directly and dramatically affected by the crisis.  My preoccupation was on the panic that was created and concern for how we, as a society, were going to move forward as we surface from this widespread epidemic of fear. 
I am a follower of the Law of Attraction – what you focus on is what you get.  It felt to me like the intense media coverage drawing our undivided attention was making the pandemic spread faster and become more threatening.  Both on a physical and emotional level. 
It is now time to close in and end the initial crisis. Each one of us needs to decide how we are going to take this experience forward into our lives.  The long-term effects of this could be empowering or damaging.  Is our next step to create a new way of being based on fear and blame, or do we come out of this with more courage, strength and resolve? 

  • Do we continue to hide away, or do we boost our emotional and physical immune system and embrace life?
  • Do we expect our government (and others) to protect us from every threat or do we take responsibility for our own health and well-being?
  • Do we trust others in our local and worldwide community, or do we choose cynicism?
  • Do we throw blame, or understand that all challenges this life brings are for our individual growth?
  • Do we focus on the worst-case scenario of what the future could bring, or do we focus on the best?

The choice is ours – to empower ourselves to expand and strengthen, or withdraw and become contracted and weak.  Knowing that underlying beliefs emitted by us will be absorbed by others, we can put our best expectations out there to lead the world in healing. We will be a stronger, more positive force if it’s done with this awareness. 
Let’s do this!