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Be Brave

Be Brave

“From the perspective of the soul, there are no failures or mistakes, only experiences.”

– Robert Schwartz

The first part of the year is the perfect time for reflection and considering possibilities.  Now, you might be contemplating action.  But…  What if something doesn’t work out and you experience a failure?  This thought keeps many a person sitting at home watching reality TV.

Before extending your tenure on the couch, there is something to think about.  As Robert Schwartz explains in Your Soul’s Gift, we are on this earth plane to advance our soul’s awakening; to learn lessons; to heal our soul.  What if, at the end of our life, that quality of experience holds more importance than what others think of us?  More than the amount of money we make?  More than being safe?

Maybe it’s time for some growth.  Soul growth.

To move forward, we need to talk ourselves into it.  How do you keep a tight rein on your self-talk and influence it in the direction of experiences, not mistakes?  I have found a great new website  In their Rules of Revolution (which are a great read, by the way) – is #5 .

5.  There Is No Failure.

“The only way [a person] fails is to never start in the first place. To let that idea die inside of you – to leave your song unsung. To never have the courage to dance. If you try, if you take your crack at making a difference, you have already succeeded. Some things will be a home run. Others will not. But everything is learning. Failure is feedback. And when we commit to taking action, it’s all a victory.”


PS:  The antonyms of failure are “Adventure”; “Brave” and “Be bold”.