The Olive Branch Retreat Manifesto
This is a place where we connect.
Where we celebrate the importance of relationship with open hearts; quiet paths and soft beds.
A place where shoes are optional, exploring is encouraged, and quiet moments are honored.
Where the most important duties are to listen, to wonder and to discover.
We believe that our world is a better place when we take time to connect.
When we break bread together.
When we exchange a round of ‘good nights’ and a sprinkling of ‘good mornings’.
When we see one another in the light of day and by the flicker of a campfire.
Where we dangle our feet off the end of the dock;
chase butterflies;
hunt for wildflowers;
rediscover our young hearts and
name our deepest wishes.
We believe in the restorative power of retreat and in
the magic that happens when we find a little corner just for us,
apart from the schedule of the day-to-day.
There is space for levity here, as well.
For light-hearted antics;
grandma giggles;
and the telling of tales.
For daydreaming and future scheming.
This is a place for you.