Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is needed for fishing?

A: A fishing license.  See the Minnesota E-Licensing site or purchase one at the Shell Station along with your bait right in Grey Eagle.  We do not have rods or tackle, so bring that as well.

Q: How are you handling COVID-19?

A: We have always prided ourselves on cleanliness at the Olive Branch.  We have enhanced it to disinfect even more than usual.  Sheets will be laundered and replaced as usual and you can bring your own blankets or sleeping bags as fits your comfort level. 

Q: Do we need to do any cleaning?

A: We would be grateful if you were to leave the property much as you found it. Stripping the sheets from your bed would be appreciated. Please take your leftover food and remove the kitchen garbage to the dumpsters. You can leave the cleaning to us.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You’ll want to bring the following items for your stay:
   • Bath towels and personal items
   • Yard games (We have croquet and bocce ball, however it does vary.)
   • Food and beverages (We have pure filtered well water.)
   • Swim toys, fishing gear & life vests (We have many life vests, but you may want to bring any specific sizes you may need.)
   • We have a fully stocked kitchen.  If you don’t want to a lot of dishes you may want to bring disposables: paper plates, napkins, cups, etc.

Q: When is down-payment and final payment due?
A: See Rates & Reservations.

Q: How many bathrooms are there?
A: 3 baths plus ½ bath in the barn during peak season.

Q: How many beds are there?
A:There are a variety of beds available:
   • 1 king bed
   • 3 queen beds
   • 5 twin beds
   • 3 comfortable queen sofa sleepers
   • 2 comfortable single sofa sleepers
   • 14 total beds to sleep up to 22 guests

Q: Do you have WiFi?
A: In an effort to create a quiet and tranquil location where you can get away from interruptions of daily life, we have made an intentional decision to not install WiFi.  We understand that is not what everyone is looking for.  However, if this is something that appeals to your group, we hope to be on your list of choices as we realize there are many. 

Q: Do you have Air Conditioning?
A: The short answer is yes.  The long answer is that we have two air source heat pumps that put out very cold air quickly with a small fan that runs constantly when turned on.  These units are located on both ends of the building (Gathering Space and TV Sitting Room).  There are fans that you can position as you wish to move the air throughout the building.

Q: Are my pets allowed at the Olive Branch?

A: Dogs are welcome if kenneled in the third stall of the garage. For health and cleanliness concerns, only certified service pets are allowed inside the house.  We understand the necessity for a service pet, and yet, cleaning and possibly sanitation is still required.  Pets in the house will be assessed a pet cleaning fee.  *We appreciate courteous pet owners.  Guests and Weddings will be following your reservation and we want a beautiful and clean yard for their activities.

Q: Can we bring a boat?
A: We do not have any restrictions, however, the topography surrounding the lake does present some.  There is an access to the east of our property, however, the water is low and only accommodates small watercraft.  We provide (complimentary) with your reservation, a pontoon, two canoes and a swim dock.

Q: Do you have a sandy beach?
A: Swimming in Fuller Lake is invigorating with a dive off of the swimming dock that is anchored in 18 feet of water.  For the sandy beach experience, we recommend The Cedar Lake Memorial Campground which is a 10-minute drive with a fantastic beach and play set.  There is a small charge by the carload.

Q: Can we practice hitting golf balls into the lake?
A: We pride ourselves on our stewardship to the environment.  We suggest that if you would like to hit golf balls, please consider a biodegradable ball.  They can be found online – at

Q: What are the surroundings and Fuller Lake like?
A: The Olive Branch property encompasses 68 acres that surround most of Fuller Lake with lush forested areas; private walking trails and a massive yard.  It is adjacent to a 1400 acre DNR Wildlife Management Area for more nature adventures and also makes for a quiet neighbor.  Fuller Lake is 54 acres, semi-private, spring-fed and outlined with natural vegetation.  It is known for it’s trophy bass, Northern and abundant pan fish.

Q: What is Town of Grey Eagle like?
A: Small town atmosphere with small town amenities – churches, public library, dining, post office and gas stations. Learn more with the Lakes’n’Woods Grey Eagle Guide.

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